Atravesamos  LESOTHO  en  2 días
Diciembre  2014 )


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Surekha Krishnan dijo...

Hi there,
Good day.
Your blog is so informative.
We are planning to travel to Lesotho in mid sep 2017. The current map shows Ramabanta to Semankong is gravel road.Do you remember the road and was your Ford Fiesta able to make the road? We too planning in a sedan car, Mitusbischi Lancer.
Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

Viajes Con Mochila dijo...

Hello Surekha!
Thanks for your interest in our blog.
Yes, as we explain in the post "Qacha´s Nek-Semonkong-Ramabanta" ALL THE ROADS ARE TARRED! Just new!
You will have no problem with any car! The road is so beautiful. You will enjoy the ride.
Take care. Regards from Mexico!

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